Unbiased Hostinger Web Hosting Review: Unveiling Hostinger’s Excellence for Beginners”

Unbiased web hosting review on Hostinger: Is Hostinger Good for Beginners?

Are you looking for a detailed Unbiased web hosting review on Hostinger? Do you want to host your website with a reliable and affordable web hosting provider?

If so, You are in the right place.

If you are a new blogger and are thinking of purchasing web hosting, but unable to decide which web hosting is better for you. So this Unbiased web hosting review on Hostinger is helpful to you. There are many hosting companies on the internet that provide good service. But beginner bloggers don’t have that much budget and can’t accept this hosting. In addition, many companies offer low-cost hosting, but the service and customer support are not good. Therefore, you may face problems later. Therefore, in this article, I have provided a review of Hostinger.

Hostinger web hosting is affordable and best according to your budget, its customer support is also very good. There are currently over 30 million people on Hostinger and that number is growing day by day. A list of some best features of Hostinger web hosting is as follows :

  1. Free Website Builder
  2. Free Domain Name
  3. Free SSL Certificates
  4. Unlimited bandwidth
  5. 24/7 support services
  6. Access to SSD storage for fast website speed
  7. Access to managed WordPress that includes seamless WordPress installation and auto-updates
  8. Cloudflare protected Nameservers
  9. 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  10. Unlimited databases and FTP accounts
  11. 30 days money back guarantee
  12. SSH access to secure your remote servers
  13. Create up to 100 email addresses for free
  14. Free daily backups
  15. Free CDN to speed up your site speed globally
  16. Domain Transfer.


What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is an American company that offers domain names and web services at the lowest prices. Which was developed in 2004. It was originally called Hosting Media, which changed to Hostinger in 2011. You will constantly see great discounts on all Hostinger plans. Because of this, its costs become much lower than other web hosting companies. Which is very good for new bloggers on a budget. In addition, Hostinger’s service is also the best. You also get 24/7 customer support and Hostinger also gives you a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is a very good thing. You don’t get CPanel in Hostinger, you see Hpanel. It allows you to manage your server easily. If you are a beginner blogger, you can start your website with Hostinger web hosting service. I personally use Hostinger and I really liked its features so I gave this Hostinger Review. So that you can also get information and choose Best Hosting at an affordable price. The top 10 features of Hostinger include:

1. Website backup

You get a website backup feature in Hostinger and it is very good for you. Because sometimes it happens that the website crashes unexpectedly due to some problem. When this happens, your website data becomes useless. But if you have a backup feature, you can back up your website and sometimes this problem happens. So in this case you can recover your website data. Also, if your website is stolen by a hacker or infected with a virus. So you can avoid the problem by deleting it and restoring the backed-up site again.

2. SSD memory
Hostinger web hosting offers you up to 200 GB of SSD storage. It can be more or less according to the storage plan, but it will not get Unlimited storage. The amount of SSD storage provided by Hostinger is clearly stated in the plan. There are many such hosting companies that show something different and give something different. In this situation, people have to face problems. But Hostinger offers very cheap hosting and its service is also good. I use it myself.

3. Free domain name
Domain name, which is the address of your website. People can easily reach your website by typing in a search engine. When you create a website, the first thing you need is a domain name. It can also be purchased through a hosting service, you can get it for free at Hostinger. However, you can get it for free with Hostinger’s premium web hosting plan and Hostinger’s enterprise web hosting plan. You cannot get this offer with a single internet service plan. If you use a single web hosting plan, you must pay separately for the domain name.

4. Free SSL certificate
Many websites on the internet deal with online business and hackers are constantly roaming the internet. Many websites are protected with SSL certificates to prevent hackers. An SSL certificate is an encryption protocol. A free SSL certificate is available on all Hostinger plans. This protocol ensures a secure connection to the website and internet browser. User information is safe even on these types of secure websites.

5. Email accounts
Hostinger allows you to create 100 email accounts. When you choose this premium web hosting package or enterprise web hosting plan. Only one email account is available under this Single Internet Service plan. If you want to create more email accounts, you can choose either Premium or Business plan.

6. Unlimited bandwidth
Sometimes it happens that suddenly a lot of traffic comes to your website and your website server starts crashing. But if you take Hostinger website hosting, you don’t have to worry. You can get 100 GB of bandwidth from one of its web hosts. And unlimited bandwidth is available in its Premium web hosting plan and Enterprise web hosting package. With an unlimited bandwidth plan, forget about server failure when your website traffic increases.

7. Installation of the website
When you buy a website from Hostinger, you get up to 100 websites. When you choose this single web hosting plan, you can host only one website. But if you choose its premium web hosting package or enterprise web hosting package, you can install up to 100 websites. According to your need and budjet you can choose your plan.

8. Customer support
Besides being the cheapest and best web host from Hostinger, its customer support and service is also very good. You can also get 24/7 customer support here. If you have technical problems with the site, you can contact us. The Hostinger team will resolve this technical issue shortly after you contact us. In addition, if you have questions, you can send them via chat or email, and after a while, you will receive an answer.

9. Money-back guarantee
With Hostinger web hosting, you also get a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like Hostinger hosting or have any problems, you can get your money back within 30 days. Hostinger will refund you all your money. Hostinger has so many great features for less, so you can try it once and get your money back if you don’t like it.

10. 99.9% uptime guarantee
Hostinger web hosting also gives you a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all their plans. Sometimes it happens that your website server crashes again and again, this happens when there are problems with Uptime. Although all web hosting promises more performance, it doesn’t happen and you have to face the problem later. But the Hostinger server is good, and fast.

 Step-by-Step Process to start a blog on Hostinger web hosting

This tutorial will help you how to install WordPress in Hostinger. You can also refer to our article guide on how to start a blog and earn money online.
Let’s discuss how to start a blog on Hostinger

Step 1. Visit the Hostinger website, please use our link and click here.

WordPress starter hosting allows you to create multiple websites.

Click the Add to Cart button to get the best hosting discount.

Selecting Premium web hosting is the best option for new bloggers and adding 12 months or more to save you money. Please don’t select one month because when you renew the amount for the next month will rise, so my suggestion is always to choose 12 months or more as the best option.

once payment is processed you will get a confirmation email.

If you are from the US, you should consider their Premium web hosting plan. It costs only $2.69/mo. You can also grab their 1-year hosting for just $38.

Step 3:  After you have created an account on Hostinger, you can now install WordPress. Hostinger makes it easy to install WordPress.

Why you should choose Hostinger over other hosting services

WordPress features

Optimized performance of the LiteSpeed web server

Hostinger optimizes new WordPress sites for maximum speed

Hostinger uses a fast web server LiteSpeed – this software runs on a server that delivers content from your website to visitors. LiteSpeed is faster than the Apache web server. Many web hosts still rely on it because of its open-source (i.e. free) license.

LiteSpeedoffers great performance on its own, but its LiteSpeedCache for WordPress plugin stores preloaded (cached) copies of your web pages so they can be served to visitors faster.

Bandwidth, SSD storage or number of sites

Hostinger is a budget web host that reduces costs by allocating fewer resources per customer. This allows them to load more hosting accounts on each server. It is much more than budget hosting plans. This gives you plenty of room to expand and develop your online presence. You can also host multiple websites at the same time.

Automatic backups with one-click restore

Data loss can destroy online businesses. It can be very frustrating to spend hours on your site only to lose it all due to a Wi-Fi problem or an honest mistake. Hostinger is a backup tool that makes it easy to download, restore, and create backups.
Hostinger also offers weekly automatic backups, as does the WordPress starter package. It also offers a free upgrade to daily automatic backups with more advanced shared plans. You also get paid extra for this feature.

Unlimited SSL and solid security package

Regardless of your budget, you cannot afford to choose a web hosting provider that leaves your website vulnerable to DDoS attacks or malware. Hostinger is well aware of the importance of security and offers protection against many online threats. All plans include free SSL for all websites, an internal web application firewall, an automatic malware scanner, and Cloudflare DNS protection for Hostinger’s name servers. This is not to be confused with Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is not enabled by default. Although it may not be the best security package, it will keep you protected from all common threats.

Hostinger automates the setup to get you started

From registration to managing and developing your website, Hostinger is a very easy-to-use platform. Purchasing a WordPress starter plan and creating our test site was easy.
Hostinger’s own hPanel control panel (more on that later) is responsible for this ease of navigation. Here are the things you can expect when you sign up and set up a Hostinger site.


Now that you have read my web hosting review on Hostinger in detail. So you must know why it is different from other web hosting companies. About 14,000 to 15,000 people sign up with Hostinger and buy a website every day.

The discount is good in its plans and because of that Hostinger web hosting is very cheap. Shared hosting from Hostinger is very cheap. Newbie bloggers also shop on a budget. You don’t get Cpanel here. Hpanel is offered instead, which is nice.

I am also using Hostinger and based on his experience this web hosting review on Hostinger India is given. Once you understand this review read it completely. So, you can easily buy a hosting service by following the step-by-step guide to buy a shared hosting service from Hostinger.

I hope you enjoyed this article of mine. If you find this article somewhat useful, please share it with people who need help. Start blogging today and share your thoughts with people.


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